Human Like Bot Competition (2014)

Computers are superbly fast and accurate at playing games, but can they be programmed to be more fun to play. People like to play against opponents who are as themselves, opponents with personality, who can surprise, who make mistakes, yet don't blindly make the same mistakes over and over.

The 2014 BotPrize competition challenges programmers / researchers / hobbyists to create a bot for UT2004 that can fool opponents into thinking it is another human player.

In the competition gaming environment, both computer-controlled bots and human players (judges) meet in multiple rounds of combat, and the judges try to guess which opponents are human.

To win the prize the bot has to be indistinguishable from a human player. In other words, it has to pass this adapted version of the Turing Test.

The results will be announced at a Special Session in the IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence and Games, in Dortmund, Germany, between 26-29 August, 2014.