The Good Goal

Chief Technology Officer

My job as a CTO is to align product and technology-related decisions with the organization's goals that drive growth.

Strategic Leadership and Product Development

- Spearheaded the full lifecycle of product development, collaborating closely with the COO to align technology initiatives with company roadmaps.

- Conducted comprehensive analysis of existing software infrastructure, identifying critical areas for improvement to enhance system robustness and scalability.

Technical Overhaul and System Architecture

- Led a major overhaul of the backend system, restructuring it from the ground up to introduce layered architecture with controllers and repositories, significantly improving scalability and maintainability.

- Coordinated the partial redevelopment of the mobile application and database modifications to align with backend changes, successfully executed over a 4-month period.

Feature Development and Project Management

- Oversaw the development of a core feature of the product, balancing this with the ongoing system overhaul, demonstrating effective project management and prioritization skills.

Quality Assurance and Testing Initiatives

- Initiated the process of integrating testing protocols into the development cycle, navigating architectural challenges and setting the groundwork for future quality assurance practices.

- Implemented for real-time error tracking and monitoring in both production and testing environments, enhancing system reliability and operational efficiency.

Performance Metrics and Continuous Deployment

- Developed and implemented key performance indicators (KPIs) to track and analyze both historical and current data, providing valuable insights for decision-making.

- Initiated the creation of a Continuous Deployment (CD) system using GitHub Actions, enhancing the efficiency of the development pipeline.

Technical Skill Development and Infrastructure Enhancement

- Acquired proficiency in Node.js and NestJS, applying these skills to improve backend functionality.

- Implemented Docker for containerization of the backend, integrated Nginx as a proxy server, and utilized Redis for time-delayed tasks, collectively boosting application performance.

Mentorship and Team Leadership

- Managed and mentored a team member for 5 months, imparting knowledge on designing backend layers and creating cloud infrastructure, demonstrating strong leadership and teaching skills.

Innovative Business Strategy

- Proposed new business models leveraging the company's existing knowledge base and background, showcasing strategic thinking and innovation in business development.

Operational Process Improvement

- Devised and implemented an integrated issue tracking and response system using Gmail, Zapier, ClickUp, and Slack to efficiently manage client complaints and support requests.

- Automated the creation of tasks in ClickUp upon receiving support emails, with automatic notifications in a dedicated Slack channel, significantly improving response times and issue tracking.

- Played a key role in categorizing issues and establishing their priority, enhancing the team's ability to address critical problems promptly.

AI Integration and User Experience Enhancement

- Successfully integrated an AI-powered chatbot from Aithor into the mobile app, utilizing ChatGPT for user interaction and assistance, significantly enhancing user experience.

- Designed the chatbot to gather data from user interactions for future analysis, contributing to continuous improvement and personalization of the user experience.

The Good Goal